City of the future


Audi USA said Audi & the City of Somerville are planning joint innovations for the city of the future … [Read more...]

Green Line bonds


Young & Metzger’s Commonwealth article said Transportation Secretary Pollack told lawmakers the Legislature will likely have to authorize additional bonding … [Read more...]

Green Line art


A previous report said MBTA cancels contracts for Green Line public art but Atkinson's Journal article now says that is not so … [Read more...]

Government Affairs breakfast


Breakfast forum with Senator Jehlen and Representatives Barber, Provost & Toomey – November 24th … [Read more...]

$1.3M+ condos


Turchi’s article said seven 311 Highland Ave condos priced at $1.3M+ … [Read more...]

Union Sq comments


Provide the City with your comments, questions, or concerns about Union Square Neighborhood Plan … [Read more...]

Small biz technical assistance


Union Square Station Associates announced the deadline for applications for City’s Technical Assistance Program has been extended by two weeks to November 30th … [Read more...]

Zoning space


Discuss zoning overhaul process, green and civic space, open space, and pervious area 6:30PM Monday … [Read more...]

Presidential caucus


Aldermen scheduled Tuesday for nonbinding vote to elect President and VP of the 2016 Board of Aldermen … [Read more...]

Aldermen meet


Aldermen meet Tuesday due to Thanksgiving holiday … [Read more...]